Runners, what help keep you motivated to run?

  1. Would like to know how you stay motivated to run?
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  3. by   Morainey
    WELL, I am not running long distances anymore, I'm a weekend warrior. That being said... being able to eat whatever I want! Also, I just feel healthier when I'm active.
  4. by   BluegrassRN
    Sign up for a run for which you have to train.
    Get a running buddy.
    Get a dog that needs to run every day so that it doesn't go crazy.
    Get a running app that tracks your miles/time/stats and compare weekly results with a training partner.
    Make a deal with yourself that you only have to run 10 minutes/one mile/whatever short amount of time you decide upon.

    I don't like to run with anyone, but I keep track of my stats and compare my weekly milage with a few other people. Not in a "look how much I run" manner, but for motivational purposes. Those people help keep me accountable, they know my milage goals and help keep me on track. I also have a mental rule that if I don't feel like running, I just have to go a mile. I nearly always end up going for my full run, it's just getting out the door that is the mental block.