Nursing screwed my posture!

  1. 0 Ive been a new grad for about 4 months now, and I feel like my legs arent connected to my waist which isnt connected to my upper body which DEFINITELY isnt connected to my arms. My posture sucks. I have always walked well, i workED out everyday, great physic and blah blah blah, but now when I even go to the gym, I leave there with aches and pains, i dont workout with my core cos my legs are doing their own thing, and my arms are in its own world. This is serious. I can;t comprehend. when I sit, I SLUMP so badly, i have to remind myself, sit up. it's pathetic. never been like that. I became curious and studied some of the nurses and how they walk and and a majority of them have some limp or tackiness about their walking. ugh. why?
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    Time to visit your PCP for an evaluation.
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    Take it from a seasoned RN of 17 years, if you are lifting, pulling, pushing, standing or even sitting for prolonged periods of time PLUS the stress on top of it all you need to see your PCP I agree with the Admin. Dont wait.

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