Night time bradycardia and hypotension

  1. Anyone experience this? My normal BP is 130/80 or a little less with a pulse in the sixties.

    The closer it gets to night time my bp drops. It'll go as low as 95/50. Yes I do get vaguely lightheaded. My pulse will drop to the low 50s to 40s. My cardiologists don't seem impressed, but it's scary to me. Now I've started to experience fullness in my ears at night as well. Any idea what could be causing this? I thought about dehydration, but I thought that would increase your pulse not decrease it. I realize a lower pressure is good for most, but not with those symptoms.
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  3. by   cmo421
    always best not to ask for medical advice online. Consult ur primary Doc or seek ER treatment if symptoms persist.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Per our terms of service, to which you agreed when you signed up, we can't provide medical advice.