Feeling Stressed?

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    If you are feeling stressed follow these easy simple steps! c;
    1.) Take Your shoes off after a long hard days work
    2.) Turn Your favorite kind of music really loud, enough for you to hear in the shower
    3.) Leave the bathroom door open, and turn the lights off\
    4.) Turn the hot water on (as much as you can stand)
    5.) Stay in the shower for 30 minutes, ONLY 30 minutes!
    6.) Get out get in the most comfortable clothes, and slippers you have
    7.) Eat chocolate, ENJOY!
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    If I tried this, I'd be shivering inside 15 minutes . . . small water heater! But it does sound like fun.
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    Will not work if you have small kids. I do dark chocolate and wine. Or, when the weather isn't so stupid, a nice looooooong walk.
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    I just go to sleep.
    Not as enjoyable, but just as effective.