Can you be a nurse if you have bad shoulders?

  1. Hello, I am interested in becoming a nurse, however i need to know beforehand if there will be alot of heavy lifting required. It is not because i'm lazy that i ask this question, but because i have problems with both of my shoulders. I recently had an injury to the left shoulder and my right shoulder was injured two years ago. My right one seems to have healed alot, but can go right back to where it was if i use it alot. I expect my left to do the same over the next 2 years i'd be in nursing school. If i get out there and have to lift large amounts of weight regularly, i know the pain will come back.

    How much lifting is usually required in the ER, other departments of the hospital?
    Are there any jobs where no lifting is required?
    If so are they hard to find and boring?
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  3. by   NurseLizzy13
    I work on a med/Surg floor an must say yes a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, pushing. I don't know about other departments but nursing is a very physically hard job. Good luck