Broken Neck

  1. I had a close family friend have a very tragic accident.

    He was riding his bike and fell a few feet down and broke 2 of his cervical vertebrae doctors said if he wasnt wearing his helmet then he wouldn't be here. Surgeons said that there is a chance that he may not make it through the surgery and the possibility of being a quadriplegic.

    I feel absolutely heart broken and so much sympathy for the family i cant even imagine how i would feel/react if it was someone who was close in my own heart.
    The surgery was to last 4 hours but took 7. there were a few complications along the way, there is a possibility that his vocal cords are severed. he is in ICU, coma induced and taken out of coma.

    Im praying and believing he will make it through healthy.

    Anyone else have a similar story to share? advice?
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  3. by   Esme12
    We can't offer medical advice here but we can give moral support and prayers.

    My prayers for you, your friend and h their family.