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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

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    Yes I do currently live here in hawaii. =) I also graduated from UHM. UHM is also my top/only choice as of this moment. If I do not get in for this coming fall, I possibly plan to apply for next fall as well as to other schools. I am interested in UHM because of their accelerated PNP program. It is good learning about the other applicants =) and congratulations on getting in to the University of Rochester. I would have liked to apply to UCSF but I did not take my GRE's yet so I was unable to apply.

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    erigrl, Thanks for the response. I wish you the best of luck with everything!
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    Hi all! Just joined the allnurses. Mostly because I am freaking out waiting for replies from schools! Your comments are so helpful. Do you think they are all done contacting people for the MEPN interview? I did not get a call to schedule one! I'm pretty much heartbroken because I thought I would at least get an interview... I know there are tons of wonderful applicants out there, but still, it's disappointing and I'm kind of surprised. Had an interview at UCSF, keeping my fingers crossed on that. And I'm on the waitlist at University of San Diego-- anyone else apply there?
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    Lindzer, They might still be interviewing. My interview was only last week...The only thing is that I think they sent a mass email to everyone telling them to expect a phone call to schedule the interview. Perhaps they'll send another round of emails though.
    Best of luck to you with everything!
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    Mahalo malapata! I'm trying to accept what seems to be the grim reality for me with this program. I'm just surprised and part of me feels like, "But there must be some mistake..." Just trying to think that everything happens for a reason. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to you!
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    hey guys, if you dont mind answering, what did you all get for your prereqs and what is your gpa? im applying for 2011 but i just wanted to get a feel of what the stats are for other applicants to see if my grades are competitive enough, thanks!
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    Just do your best when applying, don't say NO to yourself! Wanting to know is great, but you can't know what they want, so if you want to go, apply
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    [quote=nmgp;4144296]Hi there,

    I have a few more questions on the MEPN program. I wanted to know more if the fall and spring semester grades of my senior year would be equated in the gpa requirement, as the grades for the fall semester aren't available until mid-January of my senior year which is after the application due date. Therefore, only my spring of junior grades is equated in the gpa during the submission of the application. Also if students at this point are borderline of receiving a 3.0 gpa, would you accept a student but on a condition basis that they do fulfill a 3.0 gpa at the end of their graduation?

    And does the admission look at the level of courses taken in the undergraduate work if the gpa is not in the upper percentile? Do they also consider other factors in determining admission? Lastly, are there any cases of students reapplying to the program and getting submitted? Do you recommend to continually reapply? What grades should you get on your pre-reqs?

    Also, your experiences with the program in terms of being prepared for the NCLEX exam and surviving the course/work load. Also if you have any other suggestions? How was the interview process? How do you prepare for this? Who should write your letters of recommendations? Do you recommend shadowing a nurse practitioner? Please feel free to respond. Thank you.
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    I think most ur Q's should be directed at the school- this forum isn't host by UHM. Most peps chatting are applying this year or next, none of prev students seem to be on here (busy no doubt).

    But u nev know : )
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    I have heard that uh mepn students working at queens are not well regarded by the experienced nurses there. The exact words of my contact were, "They're clueless!" I'm hoping this isn't so. Any current mepn students available for comment?
    mahalos, mh

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