1. 0 Any UHM MEPN hopefuls? I am applying for the FNP/APHN track.
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    For those applying to MEPN, there is also another option you may want to consider. It's a bachelor's to BSN in 1 yr from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. The program is online, you may have to go to Wisconsin maybe 3 times. They can do an acceptance provisionally regarding clinicals. There was someone from Hawaii who did their program but I think he had to do 1 or 2 clinical rotations on the mainland. This way you could have your BSN and then go on to your MSN. I was just reading about how some hospitals, at least on the mainland require a BSN even if you have an MSN (with a bachelor's in something other than nursing). Just a thought or something to look into. The MEPN program is also great unfortunately, I didn't get in so had to look for alternatives.
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    Looking into it! Do you have any information about the program? Quality, clinical rotations, faculty/professors, etc?

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