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Yay my application was just sent for Fall 2012 to KCC and UH. Now I gotta wait about 3-4 months to see if I get accepted/waitlisted/rejected. Hmmm. Anyone else in this forum in the same boat?... Read More

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    @adrenergic Thanks so much! I thought I didnt get in because my statuses didnt change. You just made my day!
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    my status didn't change either, your stats are almost exactly like mine kell3, so i have high hopes that you will get in...and cha12m, my stats are posted on page 1 or 2 of this thread, aloha everyone!
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    well maybe not exactly but similar ballpark stats....
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    grrr! nothing in the mail again!
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    I just got my acceptance letter!
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    Congrats @Kell3
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    congrats kell3!
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    waiting list for UH-Manoa. Grrr. There's still a chance but more waiting. hmmm
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    I didn't get accepted kinda saw it coming though. Primarily, I felt it was because of my NLN "Verbal" Score. Congratulations to all who got in! I'm gonna keep trying for UH as well as KCC. But here were my stats:

    Pre-req GPA: 3.98
    Cum GPA: 3.3

    NLN Verbal 49 :'(
    NLN Math 92
    NLN Science 85
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    Wow! You scored really high on your verbal! Any advice for preparation or study tools for it? I'm really bad with my vocab
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    does anyone know if you fill out the acceptance of admission at uh and then get accepted off the wait list at kcc if you can withdraw?
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    @helloheather13 I think you can drop out of Manoa if you wanted to go to KCC.

    I was wondering did anybody else get accepted?

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