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    I just moved to the island, I am looking to work as a OB/GYN NP in an OB/GYN office or as a RN in any type of setting. Looking to work two days a week, really hoping to job share. I have been on the island several weeks and checking monster.com, careerbuilder, hot jobs and the papers and I have never seen a job for a RN in an office setting. Mainly see travel nurse positions or floor nurse jobs. Is there a consulting firm that hires RN for office work?? Please reply with any info you may have!


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    Although I am not in Hawaii, I just recently moved to Texas where I found a clinic job by googling hospitals and clinics in the area. I saw clinic webpages, went to their sites, clicked on employment and applied. These jobs were not posted in the local newspaper's online classified section, nor were they in monster or those kinds of job search engines. Ironically, this job is in an Ob/Gyn clinic. I applied for the cardiology clinic. Happy job hunting.
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    most've the big hospitals/medical groups have their own online application process. all their jobs are posted on their respective websites. afaik they do not post in the papers.