People we got their rejection letters. What were your backup plans?

  1. just got my rejection letter for UH manoa. was wondering what did you guys do? did you guys wait for another semester, go to a CC, or anything else?
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  3. by   Rome808
    did you get it today? when was it dated? didn't recieve anything from them yet.
  4. by   hcs808
    I applied two semesters ago and didn't get accepted. I was so bummed but I retook some classes and took other courses that met the UHM requirements to raise my GPA and retook the NLN. So when I applied for Spring '13, my GPA and NLN were higher than last time.
  5. by   nikidesu
    Don't give up!!! I didn't get in my first time so i retook classes to boost my pGPA to a 4.0 and retook the NLN. I finally got accepted for next semester ^__^! Don't lose hope!