People we got their rejection letters. What were your backup plans?

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    just got my rejection letter for UH manoa. was wondering what did you guys do? did you guys wait for another semester, go to a CC, or anything else?

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    did you get it today? when was it dated? didn't recieve anything from them yet.
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    I applied two semesters ago and didn't get accepted. I was so bummed but I retook some classes and took other courses that met the UHM requirements to raise my GPA and retook the NLN. So when I applied for Spring '13, my GPA and NLN were higher than last time.
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    Don't give up!!! I didn't get in my first time so i retook classes to boost my pGPA to a 4.0 and retook the NLN. I finally got accepted for next semester ^__^! Don't lose hope!

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