Pay rate on the big island

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    Hi, I am moving to hawaii soon, and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the pay rate for an RN working on the big island.
    -thanks Jerry

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    If you look at Kona Community Hospital's website it will tell you the rate for RN's is about $5,700 a month for full time RN III positions, which is basically a floor nurse. Case managers are RN IV and earn about $6,300 a month. Many floor nurses don't work full time, but work 3 twelve hour shifts, which is 90%, so the pay would be 90% of the $5,700 monthly.

    I don't know what clinic or home health RNs earn. The hospital is old, and just recently started computer charting. The nurses are very friendly and easy to work with, the CNAs are awesome.

    Good luck!!

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