NCLEX - how long is wait for notification? NCLEX - how long is wait for notification? | allnurses

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NCLEX - how long is wait for notification?

  1. 0 I recently took my boards (as in 2 days ago!) and was just wondering when to expect word from the BON on my status. I had 75Q but felt very unsure about the whole test. Why couldn't they participate in quick results?!

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    4 days after the exam date, in my case. Got the letter today saying I passed. One thing I didn't consider when trying to look up my name in the HBON site is that I had NOT paid the license/registration fees (just the $40 app fee), hence my name/# are not listed. I'll be issued a RN license # when they receive the fees.

    Just an FYI for all those seeking licensure by examination here in Hawaii