My RN wife and I are dying to move!

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    I am not in the medical field myself, but my wife is. We were married on the Big Island and really wish to relocate there. We were hoping to live in Kona, which seems to be a bit far fetched based on what I've been reading on other topics/comments.

    My wife has been an ER nurse in downtown Los Angeles(...tough is an understatement) for over a year now since graduating. I really want to purpose the idea with solid stats and info on the idea. I've been reading that jobs are slim and far between, I'm wondering if this is still the case? Hilo would be nice as well.

    Sorry for posting/asking questions in such layman's terms. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I live in Kona and work at the hospital. If you go to their website there are quite a few positions posted along with the salary. We were off the island for a few years and very thankful to be back!

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