moving to hawaii right after graduation

  1. hello! i have some questions for anyone who can answer!
    if i am going to be living here for one year right out of school would it be easier to get my license in indiana or hawaii and then apply for the indiana one later? how long do you think it would take from the moment i get here till i actually get my license?! in hawaii can i work as a grad nurse before i get my licnese or not cuz im from indiana?
    one more! how much does it cost to get a license from hi?

    *so confused!*
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  3. by   daisymurphydog
    hi, i was in your shoes about 6 weeks ago. i waited to take my nclex in illinios before i moved to hawaii. it was just faster to get my att from il and then take the nclex. i applied for a hawaii
    license after i passed. it costs more money but it was easier and faster than sending all the paper work hawaii requires . you can always apply for a temp. license once you get here but you have to be employed and your only allowed one temp permit. you should go to the hawaii board of nursing at they have all the info you need.

    i would recommed that you apply for new grad positions early they fill up quickly.

    i hope this was helpful.