License Endorsement to Hawaii

  1. 0 So i already received my RN license from california by mail yesterday and i am to send out the verification of license form with the money order to CA to get on the process of filing my license here in hawaii.

    my questions are:

    1. is it ok for me to just send out the application for license without exam form with the fee without filling out the part for the request for temporary permit?

    2. so when i get to find an employer here as an RN, do i only need to fill out the temporary permit form without the application for license without exam form assuming that i sent it to the BON prior to the employment? because it says on the guide i saw on the endorsement steps, in order for a temporary permit to be issued, following items should be completed and submitted:
    a. attached application for license without exam with fee (assumed to be sent out already)
    b. photocopy of current u.s. nursing license
    c. completed original verification of employment form
    d. proof of mailing the verification of license form (can the money order i sent be the proof?)

    3. Can i go directly to the BON in honolulu to file the applicaiton or just mail it to their mailing address.

    Thanks in advance for the response!
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