Korean RN(NY):State license referal? Korean RN(NY):State license referal? | allnurses

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Korean RN(NY):State license referal?

  1. 0 How can a native-Korean(with US citizenship) with New York RN license get a referal to work in Hawaii? 5 years anesthesia(US), 2 years Emergency Room(US) and 1 year patient screening(KOR).
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    Quote from 현선우
    how can a native-korean(with us citizenship) with new york rn license get a referal to work in hawaii? 5 years anesthesia(us), 2 years emergency room(us) and 1 year patient screening(kor).
    i suggest checking the local hawaii hospital websites, or if you really want to work in hawaii? you need to have a hawaii license. i think you need to apply for endorsement. hope this helps?