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Just Submitted My Fall 2010 Application to UHM

  1. 0 Hello everyone, I just submitted my Fall 2010 application! Walked right into Webster 201 and handed my application in...pretty nerve-racking. I really don't know how the selection process will be since they began to use different standards this fall (NLN scores, no Chem 151/152, and so forth). Here are my GPA and NLN scores: pre-req 3.89, cumulative 3.6, NLN 95% All and 136 composite. If anyone is in the same boat as me, feel free to let me know that I'm not the only one out there going crazy! Thanks everyone
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    Going crazy? No, you're not going crazy. Not yet. Wait until nursing school actually starts. That's when the REAL mental health issues start. Good luck!
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    Hello, I have a question and I think you could possibly help me? http://allnurses.com/hawaii-nurses/h...ml#post4057680 Thank you!