How's the ole contract talks going? How's the ole contract talks going? | allnurses

How's the ole contract talks going?

  1. 0 Alot of expiring contracts around the island...

    Anyone have any good news? Or... well... any kind of news? =)
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    Rumor mill....Queens went 4% per year for the next 3. Confirm...deny...but that's what I've heard.
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    Good for them if its true...

    I was pretty sure, the way things are these days, that 4% per year was just not gonna happen...
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    so in 3 years the job rate would be $48.91 (currently $43.48)?

    52wks x 40hrs = $101,731/yr

    of course taxes will suck but still. wow.
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    40 hrs?

    That's so 20th century.

    Give me 36.

    Better yet... I wouldn't mind 2-16s for 32 total. =)
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    wish they would address the need for a minimum of two RN's per ER in smaller critical access facilities. Its in the ENA position statement and only makes sense cuz u never know what willpresnt through the doors. anyone else have opinons or insight? I recently refused to be alone and opened up a whole can of worms...know they are trying to find any deficiencies i might have so the can reaasign or terminate me.

    think the wine bottle is caling me


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