How hard is it to get a job in long-term care on Hawaii?

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    Would like to move there. But it looks like there aren't that many nursing homes there.

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    Bump. Anyone? I have 2 years exp... Any Ltc hiring?
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    Look on sites like Craigslist and Do a search for LTC, go to their individual websites, and see which ones are hiring. I periodically check here and there isn't much traffic on this part of the forum.
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    there are some LTC places here - but I feel like you have to actually know people here to get into these places - the job market is really tight right now in Hawaii esp with some local hospitals closing - you could look into staffing agencies that staff nursing homes - and then you can get connections and find your way into working in one of them.
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    Do a Google search for "nursing jobs in Hawaii". So helpful info if you dig
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    job market is EXTREMELY difficult. I don't want to discourage you but its true. Also, I've heard about nurse managers picking preference with local nurses. Keep trying though, hawaii is a great place to live.

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