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Help a newbie out. :)

  1. 0 So hubby and I got the bright idea to move to Hawaii he grew up there as a kid and wants to return. We are both ER nurses. He works house super as well. We are lost about which hospital to choose.

    We will be moving back into his childhood home. It's been a rental the whole time. It's in Mililani. So any suggestions? Hospitals close to there. Which hospital do you work and why do you like working there?

    Thanks so much for the help.
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    Close hospitals:

    Pali Momi
    St Francis West (AKA: Hawaii Medical Center -West?)

    A little further:


    In Town and hence, furthest:

    St Francis - Liliha

    I work at Straub. Its the best. =P~ But then again, I don't work at the ER. These days... I'd apply at ALL of them and see what options you've got.
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    thanks for the information. I appreciate it.