Hawaii RN schools- gpa?

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    Wondering if anyone who has gotten into a UH BSN (Manoa or Hilo) program or ADN program would care to share their gpa and/or test scores? I am getting my applications all set up and wondering how competitive it is. Also, do you know how much they care about previous health care experience? I have a 3.0 gpa in sciences and 3.8 overall and 3 years of EMT... Any insight would be awesome. Mahalo!


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    Graduated from KCC last year, but I had something like a 3.7 nursing GPA/14x NLN. I know KCC was thinking about making health care experience add points to your application, but no clue what happened since I left.
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    GPA 2.5 (that's not a typo)
    pre-req GPA 4.0
    NLN 150ish (99 percentile math & science, 95 percentile verbal IIRC)

    accepted UHM & KCC for Spring 2009.

    I believe KCC ended up adding the healthcare experience facet but you'll hafta ask them for details. also KCC does not look at cumulative GPA but UHM does.
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    Can you please tell me what FAMR 230 is?

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