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emergency room

  1. 0 hey everyone
    i have a question?? i want to work in a emergency room in kapiolani or any hospital, only because in 2 years i want to go back school for a paramedic. So i want to have some experience with emergencies. I was wondering if there are hospitals on oahu that are hiring cnas?? please let me know. It will mean a lot to me. THanks so much..... HELP ME!!
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    If you don't already live in Hawaii... i'd give it a second thought. A CNA position will pay you 9-13 bucks, and if you're living alone, you'll have trouble staying afloat...

    That said, if you're moving with someone else... then my recommendation would be to apply at EVERY hospital... You might not be accepted into the ER... the ER techs/CNAs seem to be quite experienced, and many of them are also experienced EMTs...

    Just get your foot in the door... any med/surg/tele floor will do, and then you can later transfer to the ER if you find an opening...

    Trust me, there is plenty to be learned anywhere for a new CNA.. you just gotta get to know the nurses, and probe them for info... we all love teaching the ones that like to learn, and alot of the CNAs know TONS of stuff about patient condition that I, as a new nurse, haven't learned yet... =)