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CA RN moving to Hawaii - HELP!!

  1. 0 My husband and I have decided to move to Hawaii and I'm looking for an RN position. I have a few questions for the locals. But first a little about my situation....I've been a nurse for 6 years, and have done adult med/surg-tele, adult step-down, and pediatric ER (my fav!). I have hurt my back in the previous adult settings, so I would like to stick with pediatrics or possibly clinic work or community education. So for that criteria (i.e not hard on the back, hopefully pediatrics or maybe an OB clinic teaching new or expected moms, or something else that wouldn't be extremely hard on the back) here are my questions:

    1. What hospitals and clinics are good to work at on the different islands, preferably Oahu, Maui, or Kauai? (But open to others)

    2. Are there any pediatric clinics? I know Kapiolani is women's/children's - are there clinics associated with them? Or any other pediatric clinics elsewhere on any of the islands?

    3. What can I expect to get paid in the hospital setting and in a clinic setting? (I got a quote for a clinic on Kauai to be $26/hr, which coming from CA is verrrry low.) It also seemed quite low given the cost of living in Hawaii. Is this normal, or is this because it's a clinic on Kauai instead of say on Oahu?

    Any tips, advice, or suggestions would be much appreciated

    Thank you!!