any one graduating in 08?! help! any one graduating in 08?! help! | allnurses

any one graduating in 08?! help!

  1. 0 ill be graduating in may of 08 from purdue and will be moving to hawaii for a year. is anyone graduating around that time? when do you take the nclex and how confident are you that you will be able to get a job? i am freaking out that ill get out there too late and all the grad positions will be taken!! help!!
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    they do new grad orientations throughout the year. couple other hospitals too.

    couple other major hospitals. i forget which ones besides queens hires new grads. once you're experienced there's always lots of positions open though.
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    There are new graduates from colleges in the area that I met in my ACLS class that are moving to the mainland b/c they cannot find any entry-level position...I have a house here and just moved here from the mainland, and I have been pounding the pavement for months...and nothing has surfaced! Make sure that you have a job b/f you move here!!! I am moving back for a while to get experience in a level I ER/trauma unit.

    Aloha and good luck!
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    IME most of the new grads that are hired by local hospitals have graduated from Hawaii nursing programs. Many have done nursing internships at the hospitals that have offered them positions.

    Many new grads here have found better opportunities (especially better starting salaries) on the mainland. Sad but true.

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