Any current nursing students in HI?

  1. Aloha all, this is my first post. I am a pre-nursing student at KCC. I was just wondering if there are any HI students here. I need some input on UH's program....
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  3. by   maliat
    Hi. I'm a pre-nursing too. Probably going to start taking my science classes at KCC next semester.

    Anyway the one thing I have heard is that UH is very competitive and very hard to get into. I can't remember off the top of my head but the number of students they let in each year is enough to make you gasp and wonder. That's probably not much help, but it's what I know.
  4. by   UHRN2004

    I am a senior at UH BSN program, and can tell you that it's very competitive. They let in no more than 30 students, unless Kapiolani/Straub/other hospitals give grants to let in more students. The minimum GPA now is I think 3.7, it was 3.2 back when I got in. I would start out at KCC, get your ADN then go into UH Manoas RN to BSN program, you will have an easier time getting in. I would have gone that way if I was to do it all over again. LOTS of papers & stress to become a RN with a BSN degree. Anymore?'s feel free.