Altres Medical for CNA?

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    I am hoping (praying fervently) to get into the UH BSN program for Spring 2012. I am currently a CNA working for a home health care agency and would like to get into an acute care hospital as a CNA/Tech/Ward clerk, whatever I can get. I have recently applied with Altres Medical and got called back to come in. I have heard that Altres Medical places people in hospitals for short term assignments. Has anyone worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Thank you so much. I am just trying to get as much experience as I can. I currently work for Hawaii Pacific Health on a per diem basis (not as a CNA) but they only allow you to hold 1 job with their company even if it's a per diem position. I would like to keep this job because it would work well with what I think my nursing school schedule would be. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.

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