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ADN - military

  1. 0 Hey, everyone. I am 22 years old and graduating this year (2014). I have had an interest in joining the military after finishing my associates degree in nursing. I know that to practice as an RN in the military you need a BSN but I was wondering if there was a way to be in the military while completing my BSN. What options would I have when entering the service with just an ADN? Does having a ADN affect my enlistment choices of MOS? what MOS would be the best choice if I wish to get my BSN while serving?
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    It depends on how flexible your job is willing to be. In the Air Force, Aerospace Medical Technician is a medic or close to an LVN. I worked in a large hospital on a med/surg ward and had 2 co-workers obtaining their BSNs while working as medics full-time. But they were also attending a school that catered to military & had a flexible schedule, coupled with essentially leaving ALL of their leave days to attend classes. Job description: 4N0X1 - AEROSPACE MEDICAL SERVICE