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Working for the board of nursing

  1. 0 Is anyone here employed by the state board of nursing, or another government nursing job? I have gotten a job offer and I am weighing in my options.
    Currently I work for a private hospital and teach on the side. I am happy where I am, but I am also ready to do take the next step in my career. I have never worked for the government, so I have some questions.
    The pay I was offered was listed as 'monthly' rate. I am assuming that was the gross pay. Do public employees get paid only 1x month?
    What are 'state benefits'?
    Since I would be moving my family across the state, I have to make sure that this is a good decision. The pay will be significantly less, but I am hoping that some other factors will offset that. Someone please shine some light on this for me, so we can make a decision that is right for my career.
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    If you got a job offer, all of the info should be available from employer. No one here would know that info since it is job and state specific. I'd ask for all that info and a written offer.
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    I agree with MJB. Also, I think you should take it! We will finally have someone on here that works for a Board of Nursing!
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    Haha, thank you.
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    wish_me_luck: I tried replying to your message, but it says that your inbox was full.
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    Try now.
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    I'm a state employee, and our monthly salary is separated between two paychecks a month. The state benefit package we recieve includes 14 hours of vacation/14 hours of sick leave accumulated monthly, automatic 6% into ERS (Employee Retirement System), 60% coverage into health plan, and 13-14 paid holidays per year. This is also under a union, so that may change things from your situation. I agree with above posters, the only way to know is to ask.