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    My husband is being transfered to San Antonio this fall for six months. I'm looking to take a LOA during that time but am interested in working while in TX with him. I was wondering if anyone knows the pay scale for civilian RN. I have CCU, ICU, SICU, ED, house sup. experience. I like adventure-- any suggestions for facilities???

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    What "I" would do is to get my Texas licensure before I went. Then you can work per-diem with the agencies in town. Set your schedule the way you want it, work the facilities you want...etc.

    This will give you time to enjoy the city and the surrounding area, you won't be tied to a schedule that does not correspond with your husbands.

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    Contract/agency positions rate mid $30ish/hour without benefits. Adventure you seek?... try one of the University Hospital's ICUs.

    Otherwise, for ICU, friends have mentioned high 20s per hour for ICU positions with bennies.

    There are ample positions everywhere down here, you won't have a problem.

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