Tell me about Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in the Air Force

  1. 0 I am leaning heavily towards joining the Air Force after I become a pmhnp. I'm from an Air Force family so I know a bit about AF life but can anybody tell me how the Air Force uses pmhnps? Will I get to do any counselling? How closely will I work with psychiatrists? Will I mostly be assigned to inpatient mental health hospitals or would I be in an outpatient clinic? Does the AF have anything similar to a residency? What extra responsibilities do pmhnps have in the Air force? Will I work closely with other pmhnps and mental health nurses? These are just a sample of the infinite questions I have. I would love to learn anything anybody can tell me about this career in the Air Force.
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    I'm considering to join for the scholarship they offer from BSN-DNP. I don't know anything about military/air force so I would love it if you could share anything you've found out.
    I've had people tell me not to join the military especially since I"m a female...

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