Sign on bonus/loan repayment for Navy

  1. Does anyone know what the Navy is currently offering for sign on bonuses and student loan repayment for nurse with BSN going in as officer? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   IowaRNBSN
    Last I heard it was something like $20,000 sign on bonus and $40,000 student loan repayment for a 5 year commitment, but I would ask your recruiter for the most up to date numbers.

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  4. by   James Heirborn
    Not a navy nurse or a navy recruiter but I am in the process of becoming a navy nurse. I was given a figure of 30K for 5 year commitment but no student loan repayment. I questioned my recruiter on this and she told me that they used to offer repayment but the reality is that the gap in nursing has already come to a close for the time being. I'm basically a new grad with no post grad education so I don't have a lot of room to finagle with my recruiter. If I had 1+ years of experience it would be different. Hope that answers your question.
  5. by   HM2Doc
    I have heard the same figures as far as bonuses. However, i have also heard that they are fighting off applicants with a stick and most of their Nurse Corps quotas are full through FY 2012...unless you are a CCN of Psych nurse.