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Government/Military Nursing is the place for those nurses and personnel who provide care in a military or government healthcare setting, often to a unique population: those who serve our nation, or who have served in the past. This is a great place to share your journey in becoming a military nurse, to find out how to join or to share common issues or concerns related to this singular specialty. As always, OPSEC is a factor. Welcome!

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  1. VA Nursing
    • Closed
    by biscuit_007 Jul 9, '02
  2. PCI  sheets and other stuff...
    • Closed
    by night owl Jul 19, '02
    night owl
  3. community health nurse/public health nurse- difference?
    • Closed
    by brown rice Sep 10, '02
  4. How secure do you feel at work???
    • Closed
    by night owl Sep 4, '02
    night owl
  5. RN<BSN<MPA seeking employment 15 years exp
  6. MDS and JCAHO
    • Closed
    by deebsn98 Sep 12, '98
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