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    I got my license as ADN-RN in march 2012. my husband is in military due to the orders we moved to richmond va . i dont have any experience so gettiing job is very hard for me. i applied every single hospital. but no luck. i dont no what to do?? Anyone knows that any hospital hiring new grads??? Is there any preference for military spouse due to relocation? is there any home health that i can apply? please Help me...

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    Yikes! Sorry to hear that. I'm a nurse in Norfolk and work for Hope in Home Care Home Health. They started an office in Richmond last year. I'm not sure if they hire new grads but it seems like they are always hiring. I'm also military and don't know much about the civilian hospitals. I interviewed at Sentara General for a 2nd job and found the pay to be incredibly low compared to my first jobs on the West Coast which is why I ended up going with home health. Contractors at military facilities seem to make good money. Wish you luck!
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    It is easy to find a nursing job, especially in VA.
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