1. Can I apply for the NCP if I get accepted into Aria Health Nursing School?

    I am getting confused answers whether or not this is accepted with accreditation.

    My path

    Complete 2 years at the school I am at now, then start at Aria. Earn my RN, pass boards, then take another semester of classes (which can be done in the summer) and earn my BSN.

    Will this work with the NCP for the Navy?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    You need a BSN to commission. I am not familiar with the school you mention, but it must be accredited and grant a BSN.
  4. by   jfratian
    It looks like it is NLNAC accredited and, although it is a hospital diploma program, does grant a BSN through Penn State. That meets the base requirements, on the surface.

    I want to caution that you will be competing against people from well-known major 4 year institutions. Even though your grades will matter far more, anything that can separate a person is going to be looked at when comparing people without any experience. Try to get extra certifications (ACLS, NIHSS) if you can, high GPA, CNA experience, etc.
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