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  1. Does anyone know anything about practicing on a military base OCONUS such as Okinawa? I am a RN/IBCLC with my own lactation consulting business and I get reimbursed by Tricare. I would only practice out of my home office or in the homes of those on the military base. I was told by another IBCLC that Tricare told her they would not reimburse OCONUS unless local Japanese RN boards were passed. I know there is legislation for a compact for all 50 states and making licensure easier for military spouses but I'm wondering if that would extend to OCONUS locations as well?
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    OP I have taken the liberty of defining terms as there maybe folks out there who can give you help with this that are not military.
    One suggestion I have is to contact Humana as they administer Tricare for the Feds and see if they can help you put the pieces together.
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    Other suggestions:

    1. Email the military clinic where you will be PCSing to and ask them.
    2. Ask your spouse's sponsor.
    3. Try to hook up with another IBCLC military member.