Military nurses

  1. 0 I am in CRNA school in So California. I just completed a months training at the Balboa Navy Medical Center in San Diego where as an anesthesia provider I learned regional blocks.
    I came to know quite a few of the nurses and CRNAs. The last day I was there, the deployment sched was announced. It was the first time I as a civilian knew someone personally who was leaving for war. It hurt alot.

    I can not tell you who are serving how proud I am of your dedication and courage. I want to say to you that I respect your work, your committment and you will always be in my prayers.
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    I live in San diego as well and am currently going to nursing school. AS the wife of a Marine who is currently in Iraq, I just wanted to thank you for showing your appreciation. It really means a lot to us! Heather
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    good luck in nursing school!

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