Married, ER R.N. considering joining the AF needs advice!

  1. Hello!

    I have been reading several of the posts of people getting advice about joining the AF and I had some further questions for, if you're out there, people in my similar situation.

    1.) I'm married, no kids. My husband is in grad school and in a place where he is very flexible. Also, he is very open minded and is open to me joining the military if it's what I want to do. I'm wondering how much time we should expect to spend apart if I join? What advice do married officers have for someone like me?

    2.) I'm an ER nurse in a large city in TX. What is ER nursing like in the AF? Any bases they tend to send ER nurses more than others?

    3.) What are my chances of being placed in a base overseas? My husband and I really would prefer to be stationed outside of the US if possible, do they take that into consideration?

    4.) What is active duty like compared to reserves?

    Thanks to anyone who can speak to these questions, I really need as much input from those doing what I am thinking of doing as I can get.