Long Term Care/Rehab to AF Nurse Corps?

  1. Hey folks. So I am VERY interested in becoming a CO in the Air Force Nurse Corps. i realize that applications are done for 2011, but would like to try next year. I graduated BSN in Dec 2010, RN in feb, and this whole new grad process has not really taken off. I have had A interview... but it didnt pull thru, and at this point i am looking at other opportunities that work towards the acute hospital sector. The USAF seems to offer everything I need. AFIT sounds like such a good opportunity, and I am not swayed away by the air force salary, lifestyle, or deployment, cuz I'm a young single manly nurse man with no personal ties besides my immediate family. Plus, while clinicals have taught me very well, I will learn much needed discipline and refined organizational skills to really... grow up =P

    In the meantime, loans have been piling up, forbearance has been filed and im strapped for cash. Does working ltc/rehab affect eligibility, or ANYTHING regarding getting into AF NC? maybe this is a stupid question, but i dont wanna screw this process up, as i've been reading, is lengthy and intricate.

    comments, suggestions, or beef... please feel free to reply!

    Thanks folks!
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