Locality Pay Question

  1. I started at the VA last week.
    I am a Nurse 1, Level 3, step 7 @ $54,045 annually as
    stated on my job offer letter.
    My question:
    I have asked HR and Payroll and they, for some reason,
    do not know the answer.

    Will the 14.18% locality pay be in addition to this $54,045 annual salary?

    I saw an example of the LES that @ the top listed annual salary + locality = salary.
    This was an example during orientation though.

    Thank you, I have searched for a week and have found no solid answers.
    With this said, I am so greatful for my job despite the locality pay answer.

    JT in Texas Somewhere
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  3. by   jeckrn
    The 54k should be with your locality pay since the pay scale is based on this.