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  1. Hi everyone! I am interested in joining the Navy Reserves and would like any information from other nurses that are currently in the process of joining or have joined in the last couple of years. I am contacting a recruiter this week on my day off but I thought I would see what other people are experiencing with the Navy Reserves. I graduated this past December with my BSN and started working in a CVICU a couple of months ago. I feel that joining the Navy Reserves will further my career and offer experiences that I might otherwise not have. I would like the opinions of anyone going through the process of joining or has recently joined. I would like information on 1) on average how long the process takes to join once you make a to decision to do so, 2) what types of places would you be likely to do your weekend duties at (hospital, clinics, etc.), 3) what type of training do you do on your 2 weeks during the year, 4) what type of sign-on bonuses do they have right now, 5) what are your responsibilities during your weekend duties, 6) do they offer any student loan repayment or money for future schooling (masters degree) and any other information that you feel I should have. I would greatly appreciate anything anyone can tell me. Thank you!
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