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Information about USPHS working at NIH?

  1. 0 Does anyone have any information about working at NIH (national institute of health) as an USPHS nurse?

    - What is your day like? What does a tipical day look like? (of course I'm sure this differs depending on which ward you work on)

    - Is it hard to find a job at NIH as a PHS officer? Are their any other alternatives to working at NIH if your a nurse living in the DC metro area?

    - Will PHS send me to NP/CRNA school? (via, TA or military program)

    - Will PHS send nurses to a speciality course (ER, ICU, OB, etc...)? If so, when?

    I know there aren't a lot of USPHS nurses on this forum. Hopefully there's somebody here that can answer some of these questions.

    Thanks for the information in advanced.
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    Did you get any of your questions answered? Also in the MD/DC area.