How long can you receve money in the Navy Nurse Candidate Program?

  1. I undersstand you get a 10,000 sign on bonues(5k now, 5k later) but how many months can you recieve the 1000$ monthly stipened? I heard it was 24 months. The nursing program I will enter is 5 semesters instead of 4 which is obviously more than 24 months. If 24 months is the max can I recieve the stipened the first 24 months and then pay the last semster myself? Or is it required to have graduated within 24 months of being signed into the NNCP?
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  3. by   oaktown2
    The max is 24 mos and I thought when you were accepted you had to be within 24 mos of graduating. Not sure how they deal with programs longer than 2 years. The reality though is that it seems very hard to get a full 24 mos of stipend. I was accepted at the end of Jan and then didn't have my oath of office until 5/1 which is when the stipend starts. I know there are others with a similar story. When figuring out your funding for school, I wouldn't count on a full 24 mos of stipend.
  4. by   linnaete
    24 months is the max, you have to be within 24 months of graduating.