1. I initially received an order for July 2 COT. I was supposed to leave yesterday (June 30). I, of course, quit my job 3 weeks prior to leaving to get ready and take care of my stuff. Unfortunately, my recruiter told me that she just received an order saying that my COT will have to move to August 19. I told her I just quit my job and won't have any insurance. She was nice enough to help me apply for TRICARE while waiting for COT.

    Anyway, anyone going to COT this coming August?

    I will be stationed at Travis AFB. Anyone going there as well?

    I hope this COT date will be the last one coz I chose not to come back to work...
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  3. by   lobsterdmb
    I got notified yesterday than I will be attending the August 19 COT as well. I am a Reservist out of McGuire.
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  4. by   air4z
    If you have Facebook, look for COT 13-06 group!!!