APRN Hiring Process in the VAMC

  1. I graduated with my DNP (certified FNP/PMHNP) this year and just started my orientation at the Louisville VA. In my orientation class, I was the only APRN in a group of 3 RNs and one LPN. I am really grateful to the folks on here who have shared their stories on the VA hiring process, though nearly all of them are for RN positions. If anyone is interested in the process for advanced practice nurses, especially anyone working in Mental Health, feel free to read my experience: http://onednp.blogspot.com/2012/12/va-hiring-process.html

    The short version is, from application to walking into orientation, it took 223 days (7 months and 9 days), though I could have started up to a month earlier if I did not have previous commitments to patients, conferences, and travel. Had I been certified as a PMHNP at the time I applied in April, I likely would have been hired initially and started within 90 days.
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