Anyone going to 7 April 2013 ODS?

  1. I just found out yesterday that I will be attending the 7 April 2013 ODS just wanted to see if there was anyone else on here also going.
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  3. by   calledtoserve
    I'm going in May... so our classes will overlap a bit. Sorry & hope some others will post saying they're going! I thought I had seen some people from the April class posting somewhere, but who knows where on the internet that was, since I have read practically everything Google can provide regarding ODS!
  4. by   jillian926
    I am going April 7!!! When do you arrive in Rhode Island?? I'm flying in... Arriving at 2:59pm... If you arrive at about the same time... Want to catch a cab together to save $$??
  5. by   jillian926
    Clarification... I fly in April 6 to begin April 7