Any Navy ODS 06JAN13 peeps?

  1. Just wondering if there's anyone here that will be going to the 06Jan13 Navy ODS class? Haven't seen any chatter about it, of course people are probably trying to avoid holiday times and cold weather training!
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  3. by   akmt
    Hey, I was just wondering.. were you in the October boards? Some folks on here (like myself) where wondering how ling did it take them to contact you after boards where completed and what not.. thanks for any info1
  4. by   linnaete
    I think I heard back last October, my recruiter was really good about passing along info. The decision seemed pretty quick, within 2 weeks or so. Sorry this answer is so late, been getting ready to leave! Speaking of, it looks like I'm on my own for ODS in less than two weeks. Ack!