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any mil spouses working in...

  1. 0 It's time for my husband to decide on his orders soon. We're almost certain he's going to get San Diego, but you know how it is. My question is, are there any military spouses who are working as nurses in San Diego/Pendleton area and/or Jax, NC area? I was online earlier and the job market looked scarce for both places.
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    Job market for a new grad or experienced nurse? If you are looking as a new grad, expect slim picking everywhere. You will have a greater chance picking up a new grad position in rural areas (if this is a possibility).
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    Check out San Diego they had a lot of jobs posted. You won't see as many in Jacksonville, NC.
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    For a new grad. Thank you both for the help!
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    San Diego (or anyplace in California) has a horrible job market for new grads. Check out some of the postings on this site to get an idea of the struggles new grads in California are going through to get a position. It's not pretty.
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    I'm sure the market is very comepetitive, but if you can get hired at Balboa (San Diego Military Medical Center), it's a great facility!
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    While DOD allows direct hire authority most MTF's want people with at least one year if experience.
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    I am also a new grad and mil spouse who lives in jax. I havent been able to apply to jobs yet as i am waiting on my endorsement but i have started looking for jobs and out here itll be hard to find places that will hire without a years of experience but there have been a few job postings that would hire new grads, but all of them are gone now.

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