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ANCP Hopeful...Second Go-Around

  1. 0 Just wanted to give an update. Some of you (a.k.a. LunahRN, among others) have given me some great advice concerning Military nursing. I barely missed being accepted into the ANCP last year, and I didn't know if I wanted to still try for it. But, it's been nagging me for a while now. I'm about to start semester 2 of 5 of nursing school. I would love to do pediatric oncology or pediatric emergency medicine - but I'll see where the road takes me. I've been talking back and forth to my recruiter, and I basically have all of my packet lined out (minus new LOR's). No more MEPS for a year. No more ASVAB. I'm hopeful. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks.
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    Ooooh, good luck!!!