Should I work in LTC?

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I currently work in home health nursing as an LPN. However, I wish to learn more skills and feel I am stagnant in my job. Should I make a leap of faith to long term care? or will the stress kill me?
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    I worked in the Long Term Home Health Care Program for 7 years, and just recently changed positions within my organization, but still carry some just a few of my LTC patients.
    I'm an RN so there was a heavy emphasis on case management.
    I would have to know what exactly you do now in home care and what your new responsibilities would be in the type of long term care you are considering?
    The LTHHCP I work(ed) for was a medicaid driven program, and was run by the county, so it's not a private ownership entity.
    My general advice however when feeling stagnant, burned out, is to make a move of some sorts.
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